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It was right there and then that Jeff and his younger self saw tears fall from their clone's unblinking eyes.

And as the tears fell, their clone's eyelids slowly grew back and his skin slowly turned back to his original normal human skin color.

Jeff had finally redeemed himself.

" He's his original self again! "

Thus, Jeff's trial by fire had came to an end.

Jeff and his younger self took their clone with them back to Archwood Manor where they had taken the other Zalgo-created clones as well.

They kept their clone in their room so that they could keep close watch on him. They kept him there so that there wouldn't be a nasty riot between the clones breaking out in the mansion.

Once all of the Zalgo-created clones were captured, Robin Weatherbee and his family had finally discovered the location of Zalgo's DreamWorld spirit.

Now that Jeff and his younger self survived their ordeal together, it was time for the final challenge. As he would lead his younger self and his friends into the ultimate assault that will finally put an end to Zalgo's legacy forever. Soon, peace will be the dreamlands.


But...that's another story for another time.