Jeffrey Alan Woods had managed to accomplish the impossible.

After traveling back in time with the Weatherbee family, sent by the Chronos Institute, to prevent his family from moving out and himself from becoming an insane serial killer, he then went into a cryogenic sleep so that he could communicate with his and his mother Margaret's past selves in their dreams and show them the truth about their future.

Then, taking on the appearance of a black hat-wearing masked vigilante, he, along with Robin Weatherbee Jr. protected them both from their most scariest of nightmares.

Through their dreams, Jeff taught his younger self how to stand up for himself and be brave in the most toughest of circumstances. While Robin and his family taught Margaret how to be a better parent.

With the help of their new friends and the Weatherbee family, Jeff and his younger self also defeated the monsters that were haunting their dreams. They had defeated the demonic clones of Randy Warren's evil counterpart, Homicidal Liu/Sully, Jane The Killer and as much of the sinister Marble Hornets sect as they could.

Now...Jeff has only one loose end to tie up before he could be at peace.

But first...he and his younger self had to confront a monster that had been haunting him before he went back into time to change his fate.


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