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The Chelsea Grin Beast ( as Jeff, himself calls it ) had chosen Jeff to become the next incarnation of his bloodline.


The Chronos Institute had known of this along with Jeff's mental crisis. Which was why the Weatherbee family and Jeff went back in time to prevent it from ever happening. While other Chronos agents went back in time to remove the existence of the said monster.

Even though Chronos had eliminated the monster and prevented him from ever coming in contact with Jeff, he still feared that the Chelsea Grin Beast would still become a menace to not only him, but his younger self, too.

Going back in time to kill the beast in reality was only half of the monster destroyed. Killing the beast in the DreamWorld would most likely destroy the monster for good. How Jeff and his younger self would overcome the beast was another thing altogether.

That was why he had taught his younger self how to stand up for himself and self-defense. Together, they had overcome many monsters that came against them. Now, it was time to stand up against the Chelsea Grin Beast and defeat it once and for all.

Suffice to say, Jeff was not going to let that horrendous demon-beast harm his younger self in any way or another.


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