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As both Jeff and his younger self confronted the Chelsea Grin Beast, Saint Agatha's watchful eyes were upon them.

The Patron Saint of Fire's presence made sure that neither one of them would be set ablaze, should a fire ever break out.

But she knew that fire was going to be the least of their worries.

That was why she gave both Jeffs a Holy Cross Sword to fight the demon-beast with. The older Jeff, himself also had with him, a double-barreled shotgun and a handful of vials of sulfuric acid and holy water.

Both Jeffs also had with them their Holy Cross Necklaces that cannot be separated from them. As they were given to them as gifts by Saint Agatha, herself. This meant that their souls would be protected, as well.

The Chelsea Grin Beast was not pleased.

And was desperate for revenge.

But thanks to the combined efforts of both Jeffs and Saint Agatha, the demon-beast had finally met it's end. With both it's physical form in the real world and it's spirit in the DreamWorld destroyed, the creature lost it's struggle to control both Jeffs.

In it's dying breath, the Chelsea Grin Beast uttered it's last words.

" barely...the beginning. only...a small portion...of the darkness...that still exists. While light will the darkness. "

And the demon-beast soon disintegrated into nothing.


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