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Shortly after their confrontation with the Chelsea Grin Beast, both Jeff and his younger self then went on to fight Zalgo's DreamWorld spirit-created clone of what would've been their future selves.

The insane serial killer with black hair, bleached white skin, burnt-off eyelids and that all-too-familiar " smile " that both Jeffs knew all too well.

Jeff knew what the clones of Homicidal Liu, Jane The Killer and Nina The Killer were talking about when they said: " There's still one more out there. ". And it was a clone of himself. He knew he had to fight him.

There was no way of knowing how bad the fight with this clone would be. Nor was there any predicament of who would emerge victorious.

When Jeff and his younger self finally tracked down their " clone ", it seemed like a very heated battle was about to go down.

Indeed. When their clone finally locked eyes with them, he was ready to kill them both right there and then.

But...Liu's spirit had appeared from out of nowhere and Jeff's clone soon had a change of heart.


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