The White Knight had defeated and imprisoned Zalgo in the DreamWorld.

Blindfolded, muzzled, jaws wired up, the multiple mouths all over his body that speak in different tounges all sewn up, bounded by metal restraints and imprisoned where no one can find him. The Nezperdian Hive-Mind of Chaos was powerless to free himself from his containment.

There was just nothing that he could do anymore.

Or so, he thought...

One of his minion/followers must have known that this would happen and had prepared for it.

Breaking into one of the SCP's containment warehouses via teleportation, Zalgo's chief high priest, Kalazar had granted his master the ability to create and conceive monsters inside his own body.

Kalazar brought in one of his assistants with him to carry out this task. To prepare for it, Kalazar's assistant ripped off Zalgo's precious jewels from his body so that the monsters he conceives have a way to enter our world through him. The procedure was painful and left a bloody and jagged, gaping hole in Zalgo's lower body. But it was necessary.

Once the procedure was taken care of, Kalazar, himself performed the ritual that will allow Zalgo to impregnate himself and give birth to the monsters that he thinks up.

Once everything was said and done, Zalgo gave birth to his first monster that he thought up. Due to the metal restraints, it took a little bit more extra effort to help the monster out. But once the eggsac was finally ejected out of the open wound, it wasn't long enough until the egg solidified and hatched. Revealing the monster Zalgo had created.

So began a new era of terror and the dreamlands.


--- END ---